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Sensolytics SECM CollageSECM - Electrochemistry at the tip

Using our highly modular scanning electrochemical microscope, information about the electrochemical properties of your sample is obtained with very high resolution.
Sensolytics SECM-systems are built according to your specific needs and can easily be upgraded by additional modules - keeping your investments low.

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OLGA - The On-Line General Analyser

On-line monitoring of chemical parameters is a key factor in fermentation control. It enables the implementation of closed-loop feedback control to reach highest yields.
The On-Line General Analyser (OLGA) is a unique liquid handling system. It carefully monitors your process and provides outputs to switch e.g. external pumps feeding your cells.

Special Solutions

There are no limits for us - tell us your question, and we help you to solve this. Or get a glance of our instruments' possibilities while we are measuring your samples.